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M-iClean U – Undercounter Glass Washer / Dishwasher

Unbeatable versatility

The M-iClean U undercounter dish and glass washer offers a full range of innovative dish and glass washing technology, including intuitive operation, efficient dishwashing with minimal use of resources and let you know exactly when your dishes and glasses are clean. And that’s not all. The M-iClean U glasswasher is also unbeatably versatile and flexible, offering the optimum dishwashing experience for every situation.

Download the M-iClean brochure for more information.

M-iQ rack type dishwashing machine

The latest industrial dishwasher from MEIKO emphasizes the company’s determination to develop sustainable cleaning technologies that foster a clean environment. The M-iQ generation of industrial dishwashers is reshaping the future of dishwashing!

The M-iQ series of rack conveyors are among the most efficient industrial dishwashers in the world, with a water consumption rate as low as 0.15 gallons per rack. Using less water dramatically reduces heating energy, detergent and rinse aid consumption as well.

Advanced engineering features take these benefits even further. A standard, integrated blower dryer works with the air flow management system and provides improved drying results. An innovative air flow management system redirects heat from the clean end to the soil end – keeping dirty air away from clean dishes. The warm waste air is then used to preheat the incoming rinse water, reducing energy costs and cooling the exhaust air. Even cleaning is simplified; the M-iQ rack type industrial dishwasher includes an automatic self-assisted cleaning mode and color-coded areas indicating components that need manual cleaning to save time at the end of the shift.

M-iQ rack type industrial dishwashers are available in a variety of models and sizes to nealy all your applications.

  • A 30% improved rinse performance with a one-third reduction in the use of materials and energy
  • Revolutionary filter system for optimum cleanliness with the use of considerably less detergent and water
  • Superb drying results and the highest levels of energy efficiency with M-iQ AirComfort drying
  • Best indoor climate thanks to effective heat recovery
  • Self-explanatory operator guidance on the glass display
  • Intelligent self-cleaning program means lower personnel costs

Download the Meiko full warewashing line brochure.

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